Correx plastic sheets are an ideal printing substrate as they can be printed with any design or coloured ink for a high-impact, high-quality sign. Correx is the brand name for polypropylene board, a corrugated plastic sheeting that is lightweight, durable and water-resistant. Correx sheets are commonly used for signage, particularly temporary signs such as estate agent boards, as it’s easy to hang using just tape, glue or nails, or it can be drilled with ease for a more permanent fixture. At Enigma Signs, we can cut and print onto any size sheet of Correx to suit your needs using weatherproof inks that are designed to last. Our quick delivery means you can benefit from show-stopping marketing sooner too.

Looking for Larger Sheets and Bespoke Shapes?

We generally stock correx sheets up to 3050×1524 in 4,6 and 8mm. Using our CNC cutting table we are able to print and cut any shape up to 3000x2000mm.

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